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The first race weekend of the season is over.  It was a rougher weekend than we had hoped for, but we ended it feeling better about how our sleds were handling and with a list of things to work on before the TLR Cup kicks off in Ironwood in 2015. 

During this busy time of the year, we're all racing from one event to the next with the holiday season.  We ask everyone to drive safe and take your time.  Reflect back on 2014 and be thankful for everything.  We're excited about 2015 and feel like we're going to be back on top of the podium soon.  After a rough day in Beausejour, we were reminded by our good friend Curtis Boivin that any day at the track is a great day if it was a safe one.  With that reminder, 2014 was a great year for T&N. 

We've been a lucky team to have all of our sponsors return anther year.  We believe it's our fans that help by supporting our sponsors.  When doing your last minute shopping this holiday season, don't forget our great sponsors.  They have stuff that's sure to fit everyone's Christmas list!  WIthout the support of every one of them we couldn't do this.