Ironwood - TLR Cup Round 1 & 2

Our second stop of the race season brought us to Ironwood, MI. We had to miss the Fargo, ND race due to Mother Nature not cooperating with ice making conditions. The track crew did a great job giving us a race surface with all the curve balls this winter

The testing on Friday was cancelled to save the race surface for Saturday and Sunday. So we got prepped for the Saturday races. We arrived to the track early on Saturday morning to finish prep work on the sled. We only were allowed two laps of practice which doesn’t give us much feedback as to how to set the sled up. So we made a few changes and got ready for the heat races. We hit round one, coming away with a third place finish, a few sled lengths away from second and first. Round two we came away with a first, and a great hole shot. We had some minor cornering issues, but managed a win. We ran the last round, with a solid third, and seeding us in the 5th position. We got a mediocre hole shot in the final, and managed to slip into the 5th position. We raced hard all race and managed to make a pass for 4th, after losing a position in the process. It was a great 3 way battle, and it was all done clean, and made for great racing. We had a great day, learning more about the sled, and ready to go at it again tomorrow.

Sunday morning came rather quickly, and we geared up for the day. We hit the track for our first round of a shortened schedule. Our rounds were cut from 3 down to 2, and the laps were cut from 5 to 3. This gave us little time to get prepared for the final. We hit the track for round 1, and didn’t get a great hole shot. We entered the first corner running last, and couldn’t make a pass to move up. We hit the trailer to quickly make changes. In the second heat, our hole shot was decent, but managed to come out in last place from corner 2. We managed to make a pass into corner 3, and finished 4th. We weren’t sure if we’d make the final, so we geared up for the last chance qualifier. We knew the position we needed to be in to make the show, and that was the goal. We hit the track, and after bumping the clutch, we got a horrible hole shot, and had to claw our way to a 4th place finish. This got us into the back row, but into the show. We geared up for the final, and knew it’d be a tough battle to win, but was possible. We got a great run off the start, and made a few passes going into corner 1. We passed a few guys up until lap 5, when there was a red flag due to a sled on corner 4 exit, making it a safety hazard. This was in our favor as it bunched the group back up for the restart. We managed to make a great pass on the green flag, and already gained a position going into corner 1. We managed to make another move, bumping us up to 6th. On the final lap, we caught the 5th place runner, but just couldn’t make a move before the checkered was flown.

Overall the weekend wasn’t what we hoped for, but we are still learning the sled. It seems we learn more and more every time we go out. With the Eagle River World Championships coming up, we will definitely have our A game on. We’re hoping all our fans can make it out and cheer us on. Until then, keep the throttle wide open, and the handlebars to the left.

#Ironwood #TLRCUP

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