2016 Bonnechere Cup

A great weekend finally for the T&N team has finally arrived! Our 17 hour trip to Ontario paid off giving us 2 podium finishes. We arrived early Friday morning and hit the track for testing. The sled was good, almost like the sled we ran the year we won Eagle River. With some fine tuning, we ended the day on a high note with lap times in the lead pack. We had one big change to make, with our brakes fading as the laps went on, we decided to change the brake caliper hoping it would make the improvements we were looking for.

Saturday’s heat races were stacked, seeing us finishing 5th in heat 1, and a win in heat 2. We managed a 9th place qualifying position. The final was set and we hit the track for the 10 lap feature. Lining up way on the outside, we were hoping for a great hole shot, otherwise we would be fighting traffic there whole race. The green went up, and we rocketed off the line, with the lead going into corner 1, we washed a little high and allowed the #38 to get by us. We fought a hard battle to catch the leader, but the sled wasn’t quite on par, and with 3 laps left, we got passed in corner 3 due to a brake failure. We ran the last 3 laps without brakes, and still managed a podium finish. The team was excited with the podium, but knew we had work to do to gain 2 positions the next day. While inspecting the sled, we found the brake rotor was warped, and the cause of our issues.

Sunday was full of promise, as we knew we had a sled worthy of a win. We hit the track for round 1, taking a win, and the second round saw us in 4th. We knew we had a great shot at a win, as the sled was on point. The line was set and the flagman ready. We brought the flag down the line, and then turned us loose. With a great hole shot we raced into corner 1. Battling for the lead down into corner 3, we were passed on the inside, and sent back into 4th. We settled into position, and found a great line that no one else could run, and set sail up the field. We moved up into 3rd, and were battling for second, and took the spot and then the red came out. We were relined back up, and for some reason, put into the 3rd position. It didn’t pay to argue, as this has been a constant battle every time we race here. The green was thrown and we launched off the line, making a move into 2nd, and securing the spot as the other driver derailed his track and forfeiting the spot. We managed to cross the line 2nd, and were super stoked.

Of the 12 sleds that started the race, only 4 finished, going to show how rough the track was. We worked hard all year to get to this point, and I think it’s the momentum we needed to carry out the rest of the season. Unfortunately we only have 1 race left, but, it’s another chance to get a win. We are eager to finish the season strong, and show we are still a force to be reckoned with. Until next time, keep the handlebars to the left, and the throttle wide open.

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