2016 Fire on Ice

After a weekend off from racing we went down to Weyauwega WI for the second to last round of the TLR cup. With my knee not 100 percent yet, but still needing points to at least maintain our position I knew I’d have to suck it up, and get back on the horse. Our testing found the sled high siding drastically, and we knew we’d have to get that under control as this track is a handling oriented track.

Our rounds on Saturday were packed, and we needed as many points as possible to get a decent qualifying position for the final. Through the rounds, we fought handling on yet another brand new chassis the boys had built in the off time we had, but we were getting it dialed in. the main issue we had all day was not quite the sled, as much as it was the snow dust. The cold temperatures and lack of wind made it extremely difficult to see, even running 2nd and 3rd. but, nevertheless, everyone had the same racing conditions, and we knew a hole shot would be important. We managed a front row qualifying position, and took to the line to run the 10 lap final. The flag was thrown and we got cut off on the start and headed into turn 1 mid pack. We came out of 2 and raced into corner 3. The snow dust was so bad I wasn’t sure where I was on the track that I had to slow down and try and catch my bearings. Running roughly 5 laps there was a red due to a downed sled on the track, and we had a chance to come back. Heading back to the pit entrance while under the red I noticed that the sled felt different and after inspecting it under red we noticed the right side foot guard, which is used to push off of while leaning, was broken, and not at all reliable. With only 5 laps left, we would have to make do with the broken sled, and have to maintain position. We relined back up, and got ready to finish the race. From green to checker we held our position, and came home with a respectable 7th. After tech, and the sled back in the trailer, we also noticed the bulkhead had cracked on the right hand shock tower, which caused a lot of our handling issues throughout the final.

A tough go on Saturday meant a better shot for improvements on Sunday. We prepped the sled we had been running since Eagle River, looking to gain ground in the TLR Cup. Testing went well, feeling great on a familiar sled. We got started in the heats of the day, managing a win, and a few other decent finishes. Qualifying again on the front row gave us a great opportunity to get a hole shot, and get out of the snow dust. The green was thrown, and getting a great hole shot, we ran 3rd into corner 1, but the field had managed to sneak inside of us, and we ran mid pack into corner 3, and the snow dust again got us. The race went from green to checkered, and we made a few passes to end up 9th.

The weekend was less than what we wanted, but with a bad leg, we were just happy to even be on the race track. Our next venue will take us into Ontario, and we’ve always great runs there. With another week to heal, we are looking forward to a great weekend ahead of us. Until next time, keep the handlebars to the left, and the throttle wide open.

#FXR #AMSOIL #Polaris

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