2017 TLR Cup Round 1 Weekend

I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate a new year than to be at our first race of the season. We headed to Fargo, N.D. for the first round of the TLR cup tour and to get on the race track for the first time this season. The track is new to our sport, and we were eager to take a look at it, and run a few laps on it as well. The track crew did a great job flooding and grooming the track, and making sure that we had the best ice possible for our races.

Practice went well, and we made a few minor adjustments before our rounds. In our first heat, we finishing in the second position. The sled felt really good, and we only needed to do minor adjustments to the chassis and we were back to the track for the second heat. We were turned loose, and we came home with a win in the second heat. The sled was perfect and we didn’t do a whole lot for the third and final qualifying round. We hit the track and finished up qualifying securing a second place finish, and a #5 qualifying position for the final. We lined up on the start line for the final, and the green was waived. Our holeshot was awesome and we launched into corner 1 mid-line on the track, and came out of corner 2 with the lead. We managed to hold the lead as I was focused on hitting my marks. With 1 lap left, I was trying to just make that last lap and see the checkered before anyone else, and it happened! We finally got a win, which was long overdue, and it was in the first final of the season.

Saturday, we arrived to the trailer early, and prepped for hopefully a repeat of Friday, bringing home another “W” and start off the season good. We hit the track for practice and the sled felt just as good as the night before. We went into round 1 with high hopes, and came away with a win in the first heat. Rounds 2, and 3 though were not what we wanted, taking home 3rd place finishes with our holeshot hurting our starts. We just couldn’t hook up as well as we had the day prior. We made a few changes to the sled, and were out for driver introductions and to get the first TLR cup final of the season underway. The green was thrown, and we were off, getting a bad holeshot into corner 1, and getting bounced and banged around in the first corner. We went into corner 3 running 6th, and had some work to do. With 4 to go we made the move from 6th to 5th, and then to 4th and set sail for the number 3 position. We caught the 3rd position but ran out of laps, and had to settle for a position shy of the podium.

All in all, the weekend went well for us I feel. The sled is the best sled we’ve had in years, and the motor is strong and fast. And on a positive note, we have a holeshot again! The boys have defiantly put in their time this summer, and have given me everything capable of another World Championship victory. I’m really excited to continue through the season and to learn this chassis more, and get it real dialed in as I know with more time on it, and the more we learn, the faster we get. A huge shout out to all the people watching on Ditchbanger TV, and to those that sent kind words after our win. It keeps me motivated to want bigger, better results, and it fuels my drive and hunger for wins. We will see you at Ironwood, MI next weekend for stop #2 of the TLR Cup tour, and hopefully another win. And remember if you can’t make it to the track, you can watch the races live on Ditch Banger TV for free! Happy new year to all, and remember, keep the handlebars to the left, and the throttle wide open.

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