2017 December CPTC Weekend

The first race of the year has finally come. We headed out a day early this year to swing by Polaris in Roseau, MN to see the Snow engineers and see where the best products in the world are built.

After talking to the engineers, and answering some questions it was time to head up to the track, and get ready for the weekend.

We arrived in the daylight which doesn’t happen a whole lot, and got to look at the track and see how nice it looked for the mild conditions that had plagued the track like it has here at home. We set up shop and prepped the sled for testing on Friday.

We got a decent night’s sleep Thursday evening and hit the track Friday morning looking for speed, a holeshot, and a good handling sled. We were close with speed, the handling has a bit too tight, and the holeshot didn’t show much promise, but with all new equipment there were lessons that needed to be learned, and not a lot of time to do so. We kept adjusting all day, and things slowly started turning around.

Saturday saw us in 4 rounds of racing, and each time we went out we kept learning and documenting changes. The sled varied in speed and handling all day, and we struggled to find a happy medium. Saturday saw us with a 4th in round 1, a 3rd in round 2, 4th in round 3, and 2nd in round 4. The final was a tough go. Visibility was tough and we got caught up in traffic during the final. We ended up with a 7th place finish after 10 laps. We went back to the trailer and made big changes for Sunday hoping for better results.

Sunday morning was a bit snowy and blowy, but it cleared quickly and things got moving. We went into our rounds with a 5th in round 1, a 3rd in round 2, a 4th and a 3rd. We had decent line choice in the final opting for a mid-track line and a good shot at getting optimum placement in corner 1. We had a great initial holeshot right as the flag went up, but we ended up running mid pack going into 1. We had a good sled and were charging forward until the sled started to fade in handling. With 2 laps to go the sled started missing and we lost a ton of power. Back in the pits what I though was a running out of fuel problem turned into a vent line plugged up with snow dust and ice problem.

All in all, if it could go wrong this weekend, it did. But, our team must start somewhere and we got a good baseline on our sled, and this makes us hungry for better, and want to work harder and do much better than we have. At the end of the day, it felt good to get back on the sled, and turn laps again. This is our 24th season of competition, and I am more determined now, than I ever have been. Until next time, keep the handlebars to the left, and the throttle wide open. - Nick

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